Anne Ueland: Photographer


Anne describes herself as a photographer that sees an opportunity to photograph everywhere, from her home and hometown to various places she visits. She is inspired by unfamiliar as well as familiar places, unknown and famous people, by far away and close, outdoors and indoors, great heights and depths, by nature and various constructions. She claims that there is an infinite number of details that can be found in nature, buildings, objects, vehicles, and some amazing and marvelous views all around us. Her goal is to express herself in her pictures; she tries to grasp moods and emotions that surround her on a daily basis, to search for some new angles, and give abstract expressions to her photographs.

She does a various types of photography, and these are the following:

  1. Abstract Photography

photographer-692035_640This type of photography is also known as non-objective, concrete, and experimental as well as conceptual. It focuses on portraying a visual image that is not immediately associated with the object world. As you can assume, abstract photography is produced by usage of photographic equipment (camera, computer, or a darkroom; also, without camera, but photographer has to directly manipulate paper, film, or some other photographic media), materials and various materials. This type of photography may involve: isolating a fragment of nature so as to eliminate its inherent context from the observer; it can also be presented so as it seems it is unreal in contrast to real objects on purpose; abstract photo can imply the usage of shadow, light, color shape/form, and texture in order to convey an impression, sensation or some kind of emotion.

  1. Architectural photography

As you can conclude by the name, architectural photography is focused on photographing buildings and similar objects; these are aesthetically pleasing and give an accurate representation of their subjects.

  1. Conceptual Photography

This type of photography strives for illustrating an idea. Today ‘conceptual’ means genre, or methodology. The term originates form the stage of Conceptual Art movement in the 1960s.


  1. Documentary Photography

As far as documentary photography is concerned, it usually alludes to a popular kind of photography that tries to present some relevant historical events and also events from our everyday lives. Documentary photography is usually used in real life reportage, or professional photojournalism; it could also be an academic, artistic, or amateur expression. The role of a photographer is to create objective and candid photography of a certain subject; it often involves pictures of real people.

  1. Underwater photography

As you may assume, underwater photography is about taking photos when being under water. These photos are usually taken while scuba diving, or diving on surface of the water, also when swimming, snorkeling or simply operating an underwater vehicle of some kind. In other words, underwater photography is a form of art and a method to record data from under water. In order to successfully photograph under water, one must use specialized techniques, and equipment. Also, it is a very exciting job and photographers will catch unique photographs of invertebrates, geological features, seaweeds, fish and marine mammals, as well as submerged cave systems, and shipwrecks.

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