Anne Ueland: The Content of her Photographs


Anne Uealand often shoots in order to make a picture. She not always captures what she sees. She gets an idea when she sees an object; however the idea may show up in the near future when she feels more inspired and creative. So there are many types of her photographs. If you are interested in what she actually captures, then read the following:

  1. Fantasy/Reality?

As it was previously mentioned, Anne Ueland does not always gets the idea of the photograph in the moment when she captures a certain objects, but that idea can show up later when she is more creative. So these photos are somewhat unclear whether they are reality or fantasy; whether they are photography or art. In accordance with this, she has published a book that is called ‘’Creative Moments’’ which is dedicated to her father.

  1. Aurora Borealis – Alsvik

Northern-lights-in-Tromso-in-Northern-Norway-318Anne Ueland is fascinated with Aurora Borealis, and at midnight (17 / 18.03.2015) she saw Aurora Borealis with her own eyes. She was delighted to see this, especially because it was forty years since the last time Aurora Borealis appeared. She got a chance to shoot this, and according to her words it was fantastic, and at the same time magical. Maybe magic really exists. Who knows? Photographs of Aurora Borealis confirm that it does exist. Do you know what Aurora Borealis is? It is a fascinating light show. Collisions between electrically charged particles that the Sun releases and which enter the atmosphere of the Earth, and are collided with the nitrogen and oxygen. This light show can be seen around the magnetic poles of the southern and the northern atmospheres. It is more described at Aurora Borealis, or ‘northern lights’ is the light show that occurs in the northern hemisphere.

  1. Nuts Coconuts

Nuts? Coconuts? These coconuts are nuts according to Anne Ueland’s photographs. Namely, Anne managed to capture coconuts On Koh Kho Khao Beach in Thailand that looked funny. They seem like a human face, and are interesting and amusing. They have the shape of a human head, with eyes, nose and mouth! It is really fascinating what nature provides to people.

  1. Light Fun On The Playground

If you think that adults cannot have some fun on the playground, you are wrong. To be specific, Anne took some photographs in the night, using lights in various colors. This photos are incredible and a must-see.

  1. Starlings In Twilight

On her blog, you can find some stunning photographs of starlings flying in the dusk. Shea15845148 is fascinated by these birds, and loves to watch them fly together. These photographs are even better when taken in twilight!

  1. Wild Bears at Kuikka

Anne Ueland was a guest at the photograph-workshop in deep forests in Finland where she was invited by Stavanger Foto in order to capture wolves, bears and wolverines. Lassi Rautianinen enabled capturing these amazing shots from the deep of the forests in Finland by developing few feeding locations in order to capture bear/wolves-photographs.

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